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Flood System Oil-Cooled Vacuum Pump - Gas Powered SKU:64375

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We will contact you with availability and pricing. Brand: Leader EvaporatorLeader Evaporator


5.5 HP Gas Vacuum Pump

37" L x 21" W x 37" H

 Designed for optimum use with 300-800 taps, maximum 1000 taps.

Close coupled to a 5.5 HP Honda engine, this 8 CFM vacuum pump has a moisture trap and reclaiming system pre-installed on a compact frame.  A throttle block controls the pump speed, and reduces gas consumption.  Some customers may want to add an auxilary fuel tank for increases running times between fill-up.

 This Rotary Vein vacuum pump system is driven by belt and pulley from a Honda gas motor and comes with an oil reclaiming system already mounted to the frame.  Unlike traditional drip oiling systems found on most rotary vein pumps, the flood system injects a stream of oil into the housing to create additional lubrication, cooling, and higher vacuum.

  • Vacuum levels  up to 25 inches
  • Reclaims 95% of the oil
  • No Constant Water Supply required
  • Designed for the intense 24 hour usage of today's maple syrup producer

Comes complete with a vacuum regulator, check valve, one season supply of oil, and oil filters.

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