Get Quality Equipment for Your Maple Farm

We sell maple equipment in Sidney, ME

Do you own your own maple farm? To get quality syrup from your trees, you need high-end equipment. That's where Bacon Farm Maple Products comes in. We sell top-tier maple equipment in Sidney, ME. Our innovative products will effectively extract maple from your trees without causing leaks.

Get your maple syrup to your sugarhouse more efficiently. Buy maple equipment from Bacon Farm Maple Products in Sidney, ME today.

You can find all the maple equipment you need at Bacon Farm Maple Products

Equip your maple farm with some of the best maple equipment available. You can buy...

  • Spigots
  • Main lines
  • Moisture traps
  • Vacuum sensors
  • Water counters
  • Spout pullers
  • Syrup tanks
  • Double boilers

... from us. We even sell monitoring systems so that you can measure your yield increase per tap and identify the location of syrup leaks. Contact us today to place an order for maple equipment.

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