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Leader Light Blue 30P Plastic Mainline Tubing - 500 ft. SKU:4744u2

$150.00 each Brand: Leader EvaporatorLeader Evaporator


3/4" Mainline is good for up to 250 taps

1" Mainline is good for up to 500 taps

Leader 30P Mainline Tubing is specifically designed for maple sap tubing systems with the quality of the sap first in mind.  The light blue color is ideal for drawing as little sunlight as possible, and the ultra-violet plastic tubing allows the sun light to transmit through the walls of the pipe so that sap remains 7-10 degrees F cooler than other gray or black plastic tubings on the market.  The walls are clear enough to see sap flow well, which will help to diagnose leaks in the tubing system.  Made from virgin polyethelene this plastic pipe is approved for potable water and is much easier to work with than much stiffer versions of black plastic pipe.   Coming in a variety of common water pipe sizes for all size maple syrup makers.  Leader 30P Mainline Tubing will help to ensure you are making the best quality syrup possible because cooler sap means less bacteria.  Less bacteria will lead to cleaner maple sap storage tanks, cleaner Reverse Osmosis machines, cleaner evaporators, and maple syrup that is easier to filter.  The maple syrup you make will also be lighter in color with a smoother maple flavor.

  • 3/4" Diameter will handle the volume of maple sap from up to 250 taps
  • 1" Diameter will handle the volume of maple sap from up to 500 taps
  • 1-1/4" Diameter will handle the volume of maple sap from up to 1000 taps
  • 1-1/2" Diameter will handle the volume of maple sap from up to 2000 taps

* These ratings may vary slightly based on installation and do not apply to the wet line of a wet/dry line vacuum tubing system.  Contact a local dealer/distributor, or us directly to discuss your unique maple sugar woods.

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